Thursday's Raspberry Pi meetup

I went to Raspberry Pi meetup on Thursday, January 14, and would like to share some links about the presentation I gave and things I brought with me.

  1. Instructions on setting up OpenCV on Raspbian Jessie
  2. My fork of Thiago's automatic doorman that works with PiCamera
  3. Python library and documentation for PiCamera
  4. OpenCV tutorials
  5. Soil moisture sensor (or soil hygrometer)
  6. Soil moisture sensor tutorial
  7. A more complete soil hygrometer tutorial

One important thing to be aware about soil moisture sensor, is to not apply voltage to the soil probe all the time or take too many measurements at once as leads on the probe will quickly corrode. Also the probe has analog data output, and it looks like it would work better with Adruino board than Raspberry Pi as the latter doesn't have analog input pins.