Bear Upgrade custom parts


This is a companion part to the series of videos on assembling Bear Upgrade on my Prusa MK2 clone.

All of the parts can be found in bear_upgrade_custom_parts repo

Custom and Non-standard Parts


3d-printed dowel pin.

Model: stl, openscad

Dowel pin and orientation with shaved-off part facing down


Cable guide for MK3 heated bed, where wiring goes through Y axis carriage.

Models: stl, openscad

Cable guide for Y axis, with orientation for printing


Prusa i3 MK1-compatible rod holders for 340mm smooth rods from v 2.0.0

Model: stl

MKS GEN 1.4 2040 mount

This fully customizable mount adapts MKS GEN 1.4 to 2040 aluminum extrusion. I built this with Bear Upgrade in mind, but it should also mount anywhere. This mount also provides means of attaching two 5x7cm daughter boards at the back, cable management for the extruder, heated bed and misc wiring at the bottom, it supports a fan bank with up to 3x 40mm fans.

Bear upgrade with custom mount and cable management

Twist-in cable clamp

This clamp seems to be the one that works best with my setup, as it gives some clearance for the wiring. I used 10x6mm version.

Project page -- Twist In Cable Clamp [2020 Aluminium Profile]

Clamp twisted in and holding motor & endstop wiring


M3 socket driver bit

Handy for holding M3 nuts when mounting MKS GEN holder

Models: stl, openscad
m3 socket for holding and tightening m3 screws